The Byron Bay Markets


Now known as a place that celebrities call home, reality shows are filmed and linen pants are turning into the norm, the small coastal town of Byron Bay has erupted into the international spotlight in recent years. Yet only a few short years ago hippies were the heart and soul of the town and created the vibe that many come to experience in Byron Bay and today there is no better place to find them than at the monthly Byron Markets.

On the first Sunday of every month part of downtown Byron is transformed into a place where musicians sing their tunes while local vegan bakers sell their goods. Not far away, surf inspired t-shirts, and handmade jewellery fill the market stalls while tourists search for something unique to bring back home to remember the once in a lifetime trip they took. 

The market's are a place where locals are able to showcase their talent's to the thousands of tourists that pass by their stalls every year. A place where many clothing brands and musicians have began their careers with humble beginnings and gone to become extremely successful in their pursuits. They are also the place that we chose to begin our journey as the brand Pacific Flow and Byron is the place that we chose to call home. 

On Market day We usually wake up early and pack all of our t-shirts and dresses into our car. Then as we watch the sun rise over the ocean we make the drive into the heart of Byron bay where many other cars and vans are packed to the brim with the goods they hope to sell. We drive slowly onto the foreshore by the beach where other stallholders are already setting up. 

After unloading the car, we build our tent and start to stock the racks with shirts as the early morning walkers and joggers filter by. By the time we have the stall set up the passer by's have already turned into inquisitive shoppers, wondering what is going on and if they keep walking what they may miss out on. 

Throughout the day our friends come to say hi while we listen to the waves in the back ground. We share stories of travels with customers while enjoying the sunshine. Before we know it the day has passed and we start focusing our attention onto more important things, like what direction the wind is blowing and where we are going to surf.


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